First Aid Kit

Getting Your TIIPS Kit


TIIPS Kit Program is a compact educational program designed to provide injury prevention information for Indigenous Youth in an interactive and relatable way through sharing information, building relationships, developing trust, and empowerment.

TIIPS Kit was designed to be facilitated by anyone; those with little to no experience or professionals. Topics include Impairment, Opioid & Nasal Naloxone, Role Models and the The Great Debate. TIIPS Kit Program is versatile and can be utilized locally in an urban environment or easily shipped to remote & rural locations.

Measurements of the TIIPS Kit are as follows: W-22″ x D-11″ x H-10″ with an approximate weight of 3-4 pounds.

TIIPS Kit program will be available for local pick up.

TIIPS Kit contains:

  • A Facilitator Guidebook
  • 2 low impact activities ( Magnetic Darts, Bocce ball)
  • 2 Impaired goggles (1 day, 1 night)
  • Nasal Naloxone Demo Kit
  • Signs, and a roll of masking tape