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TIIPS Program

TIIPS Program


As a Lead Trauma Hospital in Northern Ontario, TBRHSC recognizes the importance of injury prevention within its community and region.

In alignment with TBRHSC’s vision, mission and values, TBRHSC Trauma Program has designed and developed strategies for programming to help meet the needs of Indigenous people locally, regionally and nationally.

These strategies are known as Thunder Bay Regional Indigenous Injury Prevention Strategies (TIIPS).

TIIPS currently includes three different strategies.


TIIPS Student Orientation

TIIPS Student Orientation is designed to provide important information about TBRHSC to youth that have relocated to the City of Thunder Bay to attend high school. Students learn what to expect when accessing our hospital and the resources that are available to them including the Indigenous Navigator, Language Interpreter, Mental Health Assessment Team, and Spiritual Care.  TIIPS Orientation is offered online (see below) or as an At-Hospital day program. Students attending the At-Hospital day program are able to participate in a guided tour through the triage area, emergency room, and ambulance bay. The At-Hospital TIIPS Student Orientation Program offers the option for opening and closing prayer (with support of Elders or Spiritual Care) and smudging in the hospital chapel. TIIPS At-Hospital aims to provide students with a positive hospital experience while equipping them with helpful knowledge about the TBRHSC.

Online Course

TIIPS Online Youth Injury Prevention Education

In response to COVID 19, TIIPS Youth Injury Prevention program adapted its approach to programming to an online format. TIIPS Student Orientation as well as other local professionals present on various topics and local resources. These webinars are approximately 1 hour in duration and offered once per month. 



TIIPS Kit Program is an educational program, with a focus on injury prevention for Indigenous youth of high school age. TIIPS Kit program also has valuable information for adults. Whether living in an urban setting or a more isolated remote community, TIIPS Kit is portable and therefore can be used to educate youth in either setting. The TIIPS kit contains an easy to follow Facilitator Guidebook to enhance program delivery. The program takes approximately 125 minutes to complete when sessions are delivered consecutively. Injury prevention sessions include Impairment, Opioids & Nasal Naloxone, and Role Models. The final session – The Great Debate, reviews and reinforces the key takeaways contained throughout the program. TIIPS Kit Program is designed to be facilitated by anyone; those with little to no experience or those who are professionals. To ensure facilitators have some understanding of Indigenous cultures in our country, the Facilitator’s Guidebook also contains a chapter on Cultural Awareness. The objectives of the TIIPS Kit Program are Information Sharing, Relationship Building, Building trust, and Empowerment. TIIPS Kit Program provides important injury prevention information with a focus on positive messaging.

For further information regarding this format of youth injury prevention programming please contact TBRHSC trauma program, Injury prevention: